You present your greatest strengths in a confident manner - those skills that are important for the job you're applying for.

Assess/identify your greatest strengths and relate them to the job requirements
One of the first steps you should take as a job candidate is to conduct self assessment. Self-assessment consists of evaluating your key skills, past achievements and professional experience.
You must know what you are good at as a critical step toward being able to clearly communicate your greatest strengths to potential employers.
You also want to read carefully the job-description to find out the key skills required for the job.

Translate your greatest strengths into job-related language of benefits relevant to the job needs
For example: If you are good at presenting/speaking in front of a group, continue your case by telling that it helps you in being a good salesman, influencing people or getting the action you desire from them. This answer is good for people applying for sales position or managerial ones.

Answering - What is your greatest strength

Here is an example of a good answer -

My education in ----, my experience in --- and my knowledge of the area of -- all will contribute to my performing this position with little or no downtime.

  • I have strong time management skill
  • I'm very determined and a good problem solver
  • I have the competent to adapt and learn in new work settings and cope with new work situations.
  • I have a great deal of energy, drive to success and initiative.
  • I like taking on new challenges
  • I like working/communicating with different type of people.
  • I'm creative and expressive writer and an organized and fluent speakeror a good communicator

I have the proven ability to transfer my skills from one job to another. Because of this, I can learn my way around an organization quickly. I can concentrate on motivating and managing the staff, while developing relationships with other employees and clients. I can find the fastest, most efficient way to get the work done. As a result, I'm able to keep increasing my output while maintaining the quality.